Invisible Giants is a book about leadership, choices in life and the potential in everyone to make a difference. Lindsay Levin, who founded the social enterprise Leaders’ Quest in 2001, tells the stories of some of the people she has met through her work, and their impact on the world. Read an extract

Lindsay takes readers on a journey from Canary Wharf to the streets of Mumbai, and from a high-security prison in Johannesburg to Chengdu, where thousands of new tower blocks are transforming the city. We meet individuals who are overcoming obstacles, and often their own frailties, to change the lives of those around them.

The invisible giants of Lindsay’s story are grassroots leaders who, despite a lack of education and resources, are re-energising their communities, and business executives who strive to integrate purpose alongside profit, in the face of  resistance.

They are female activists in slums campaigning to end the exclusion of girls from school, and environmentalists tackling the effects of industrialisation on the ecosystem. They are ordinary Israelis and Palestinians committed to peaceful coexistence who are delivering a courageous and sometimes unpopular message to their own people.

This is also the story of Lindsay’s own quest to ask: “what really matters?” and to figure out where the answers can take her.

In my experience, people have infinite potential to grow and to create. I have written Invisible Giants to try to share some of this optimism.” Lindsay Levin

All the author’s royalties go to support grassroots leaders in marginalised communities through Leaders’ Quest Foundation, a registered charity.

Invisible Giants is an extraordinary, warts-and-all account of an evolving cultural revolution designed to jump leaders into 21st century realities.” John Elkington



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